Boom there is my poster. Obviously you all are wondering what i did well i used the quick selection tool and copy and pasted those pictures on the pairs view. As you all know ratatouille is a movie were a rat knows how to cook but everyone wasn’t really pleased knowing a rat cooked there food. at the bottom there is the dishes Ramy made and his family climbing the Eiffel Tower.

Elements Of Design

My theme is space… and no the middle isn’t the sun its cheese.

Here is what i did for the texture for the big circle in the middle. i used the Fx and i was messing with the bevel and emboss. I just decided to put it at the max opacity and thats the texture. For the valve i did an ombre affect to create value how i got that was the same i went to Fx. Then i added effects to make the magenta to white. For the planets for the color i just clicked on fill to get those fun colors.

about me

so i made a few changes to my old callage here are somethings about me. My favorite brand is Fila. I love winter like the cold, one of my art pieces is there so i like to draw. I have a huge sweet tooth love candy, what your gonna expect from this page is design and art. I will post my art work here and there.

berry and the boys

berry was a wonderful assistant for this assignment as you can see here there are 3 clones of him. one is playing game, other is choosing another game, and the last one is waiting for the game to load. What i did was mask the picture and erase the 1st clone make sure the black is on top of the white, hitting command I {since im on the mac}. Pops up the second clone and i do that for the rest of the pictures.